Soukhya Training and Research Institute (STRI)

Founded by Dr. A. Sreekumar, Soukhya is a globally emerging body of like minded people from all streams of Medicine and life sciences. In accordance with the vision of its Dr. A. Sreekumar, Soukhya aims at creating a scientific body of professionals from all branches of medicine, in adopting protocols for preventive and curative health management through Nutrition and life style modifications.

We are now in association with similar organizations around the world for promoting Advanced Nutritional and Integrated Environmental Medicine. We are conducting CME's, fellowship courses and other training programs in India and Overseas throughout the year.


The mission of Soukhya is to promote research, awareness and education in Nutrition, Nutritional supplements, environmental and other related fields and its clinical application is to attain prevention and disease management at the cellular level, in view of creating healthy individuals for the family, society, nation and the world at large.

The main activities partaken by Soukhya are

Some of the great achievements of Soukhya are

  • Fellowship awards to doctors and professionals from various medical fields.
  • Successful completion of 8 International conferences.
  • International workshops in Chelation therapy and Injectable Nutrients.
  • Ozone therapy training for doctors to practice independently.
  • Participation in International conferences outside India.

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